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Gulzar and Rakhi

Rakhi Gulzar and is one of the celebrity couples who belong to the largest Bollywood. Gulzar has the distinction of being a versatile composer, poet, filmmaker and writer who has never produced the history of Bollywood. On the other hand Rakhi also considered blessed with excellent acting talent. Bengali actress is considered the most successful professional in real life, while she also proved to be a passionate lover, a woman in charge and a real mother. Rakhi Gulzar and contributed significantly to the Indian film industry and the journey continues.

The real name is Sampoorna Singh Gulzar. He was born August 18, 1936 in the town of Deena is now Pakistan. It was during the turbulent phase of the score when he decided to move from Pakistan to India. Later, he changed his base from Delhi. Gulzar began his career as a poet and soon became associated with the Progressive Writers Association.

Gulzar began his film career in a very low key. He began his journey as an assistant to Bimal Reel Life Roy, Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Hemant Kumar. His association with these supporters assured him learn a lot of direction and hone their skills on the field. Gulzar made his debut with a song lyricist Mora Gora Ang Lai Lae. The song was accompanied by Bimal Roy film Bandini, who had in 1963.

Gulzar is a technician who has been described by education sensitive to human relationships, social issues and people Psychologies brilliantly in his songs and stories. After strengthening its position as the most sensitive lyricist, he began writing short stories and screenplays for Hindi cinema, and showed his character in the fields. "Mere Apne" was the directorial debut and Gulzar. It 'was in 1971. The film earned him rave reviews on the film critics. Since then, Gulzar has been growing and a good number of movies every serious film comedy.

Gulzar was honored with numerous awards for distinguished contribution to the various genres of film making. He received the prestigious National Award for best screenplay Koshish three times, best director and best lyricist in Ijazat Mausam. He was honored with the Film Award 14 times the price.

Rakhi was born August 15, 1947 is a habit, but a humble family in Bengali. Despite the fact that Rakhi is no link to enjoy the film, has made it big in Bollywood film industry crossing all obstacles in its path. The real talent as an actress Rakhi has confessed the actor Sunil Dutt who gave him a break from his film "Reshma Aur Shera." After small roles in films such as Lal Paththar Falak, and finally grabbed the film titled Jeevan Mrityu opposite Dharmendra. This film has proved a great success, and was founded Rakhi actress of great talent. Some of his notable films are:

Heera Panna




Kala Pathar

Kabhie Kabhie


Muqaddar Ka Sikandar

Ram Lahkan

Karan Arjun


Rakhi Gulzar married when she was at the height of his career. They have a daughter named Meghna Gulzar. She also made her mark as a brilliant director. She even made a film called Filhaal. It is based on the sensitive issue of surrogacy.